Nolvadex against breast cancer

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It was a day I will never forget, the day I heard the four words that shake my entire life. Those words were “You have Breast Cancer”. I have known women who have gotten that news in the past and I always wondered how they felt at that very moment. I always thought if that happened to me I would fall apart. I am not as strong as these women I have known. I have a husband and a young daughter and the last thing in the world I want to do is leave them. So my doctor and I started a plan of action. I knew that finding out early that I had breast cancer was the best thing for me. I would never wish this on my worst enemy though. One of the things I talked to my doctor was about medication that I needed to start right away. Nolvadex was one of the medications we discussed me starting right away. It is a medication for the first stages of breast cancer. I was very happy with this medication, because I didn’t suffer from any side effects. When my doctor and I discussed other medications, one of my major worries was side effects, because they could be very severe and with what I would be going through I knew I would want as little side effects as possible.

I wanted to be able to have as normal of a life that I could have even though I had first stage cancer. I began to take Nolvadex right away. Yes, I had to go through the normal procedures that you do with breast cancer. The surgery I had to remove the lump in my left breast. Thankfully it was small and easy to remove. But as a precaution I decided to go for the full mastectomy. I felt it was the safest thing for me. Plus the doctor told me this would help insure that I would not have a recurrence once the breast cancer went into remission. Thankfully even though I had to have radiation treatments, I did pretty well with them. I was scared at first, but thanks to all of the moral support I had from my family I was able to get through the six treatments. The medications I took helped me get through this horrible stage in my life. In the end I was very thankful for recommending the medication Nolvadex. This was five years ago. My life is great, my breast cancer is complete remission and I thank God for every day I have with my Husband and my daughter, who is not as young as she use to be, she is growing up quite fast.

Jannet G., Sydney, Australia

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