Nolvadex dosage and side effects


Nolvadex which contains Tamoxifen is a drug that primarily used by male bodybuilders to prevent the growth of the breast tissue (gynecomastia).The main reason is because most forms of cancer respond to estrogen. It was introduced by Dan Duchaine, a steroid guru, in the late 80s. It can also be referred to as an anti-estrogen, a SERM(selective estrogen receptor modulator) or triphenylethylene. SERMs act as either agonists or antagonists of estrogen receptors in different tissues. If you are on a cycle that includes steroids that convert to estrogen, then nolvadex is the perfect choice to run alongside them. Apart from preventing gynecomastia, it can also be used to restore normal testosterone production post cycle.

Buy Nolvadex in Australia

Buy Nolvadex in Australia

Nolvadex dosage

Nolvadex dosage depends on the purpose as well as the individual using the drug. In most cases it is used to prevent on cycle effects, boosting testosterone in females as well as post cycle therapy. The normal nolvadex dosage ranges from ten to forty milligrams. It doesn’t exceed this mark n most cases.


Nolvadex is an excellent performance boosting tool for female athletes since it is capable of binding estrogen as well as increasing testosterone. Most female athletes take advantage of the testosterone boosting effect instead of using anabolic steroids which may result in undesirable side effects. The most common nolvadex dosage for females is 10milligrams per day. You can exceed to 20milligrams but you’ll never need that much.


For many years performance enhancing athletes on cycle have supplemented with to prevent gynecomastia which is caused by the increase of estrogen in the body. The increase in estrogen is triggered by anabolic steroids which aromatize. The excess estrogen binds to the receptors is the chest and gynecomastia symptoms start to manifest. The good news is that only 10 milligrams of nolvadex can prevent the accumulation of estrogen. While 10 milligrams will work well most men require a dosage of 20 milligrams daily.

Post cycle dosage

Most people use nolvadex for PCT (post cycle therapy) and are more interested in the dosage during this period than any other. Its purpose during this period is stimulating the natural production of testosterone that had been suppressed by anabolic steroid use. Men can use 40 milligrams daily, eventually decreasing to 20 milligrams daily till use is discontinued. An average person will need 4 weeks of therapy. If your steroid cycle was long, you may need up to six weeks. For the first half of PCT use 40 milligrams daily followed by 20 milligrams daily for the other half.

Side effects

Nolvadex has been linked with reduced gains in bodybuilders. The main reason is because it reduces Insulin like grow factor (IGF) levels that are essential for muscle growth. Other unwanted side effects include cataracts in the eye, anxiety, and change in vaginal discharge, dizziness, increased heart beats, side or lower back pain and so on. The effects vary from individual to individual.

Nolvadex can be bought online very cheaply. For instance, thirty 20 milligram tablets might cost around $ 36 online. The more tablets you purchase the more discounts you’ll get.

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  1. Braxton Samuel

    a great drug that comes to help people and increase health can make the illness worse with Nolvadex.

  2. Maxwell Richards

    Nolvadex is amazing. It works tremendously well and it is also a miracle worker. The side effects of the drug aren’t bad and are relieved quickly.

  3. George Thomson

    I was on Tamoxifen and after a few years developed early Uterine cancer and had to have a surgery to remove my uterus and ovaries. Not something I thought would happen but it did. After the surgery I still had to finish the 5 years and had of course basic problems with hot flashes etc. but no other cancers.

  4. Maxwell James

    Nolvadex was created fot the women who needs hormone therapy, it is great but it is always important talking to doctor or pharmacist before taking it”


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