Breast cancer is a type of cancer that forms specifically within the breasts, as the cells within said breasts start to grow at a rapid pace that its not natural for the human body and its standards of cell production. When these cells reproduce at such rapid rates they often form large lumps of abnormal tissue within the body known as tumors. What makes breast cancer so unique is that not only does it mainly affect women disproportionately, ninety-nine percent of the time but it also only appears under breast tissue and typically inside the ducts and lobules. The variants of this general type of cancer can be identified through looking at the site in which the breast cancer initially began to start forming out of control.

This type of cancer is typically one that can go a while undetected, as a woman must first either go to the doctor to have an examination done or find a lump indicating a tumor within her breast on her own. Catching it quickly and early is very important, as it is with any other type of cancer as that ensures that treatment can be started immediately after this discovery and this will further make sure that the woman or man who is afflicted with this type of cancer will not require very invasive surgery or will not have to worry about potentially dying as a result of their cancer. Not every lump that is discovered in the breast necessarily has to be a sign of cancer as many lumps found in random areas of the body may very well be benign and harmless for the most part. If cancer is left unchecked it may take a toll on the body as it spreads around the victim and makes them feel a constant sense of pain as their body behaves in a very unnatural manner internally.

Most women and even men with breast cancer will have some type of surgery to remove the tumor. Depending on the type of breast cancer and how advanced it is, you might need other types of treatment as well, either before or after surgery or sometimes both. Generic Nolvadex which is used by medical professionals in Australia to treat breast cancer is considered 'systemic therapy' because it can reach cancer cells almost anywhere in the body. They can be given by mouth or put directly into the bloodstream. Depending on the type of breast cancer, different types of drug treatment might be used, which often ranges in terms of how harmful its side effects may be on the body as it works to cure the cancer from the patient. 

There are many different options and types of breast reconstruction procedures. Some are done at the same time as a surgical operation that is done to remove the breast while others are done later. Breast reconstruction surgery is often done when there is a large amount of damage done to the breasts that has to be repaired for the sake of mostly cosmetic purposes. All in all, getting any case of breast cancer will certainly stick with someone for the rest of the life, be it through physical scars or mental.

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