The Positive Benefits of Nolvadex

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Nolvadex is a drug used to treat cancer in the breast that moves into other organs of the body. The drug is used primarily after cancer surgery, radiation treatments to prevent from cancer in reappearing in the breast. The main purpose of the Nolvadex is to block the production of estrogen in a woman. But there is also an excellent side benefit as well that will be discussed below.


The side effects are minimal

When a doctor is prescribing Nolvadex to a patient he does so in good faith knowing that the benefits of Nolvadex exceed the side-effects to the patient. Those side effects are minimal when compared to the benefits of Nolvadex. Side-effects include being more tired than usual after a long day at work, mood changes similar to premenstrual mood changes, minor swelling of the feet and ankles (just wear sandals) and some vision changes that are temporary and can affect your ability to read small print. You will bruise easily in some cases and blood may appear from the bruise.

These side effects occur at different times in our lives anyway in the normal course of being human for the exception of the bleeding from a bruise. Nolvadex has a wonderful benefit of preventing in a lot of cases, cancer from reappearing in the breast. In men a decline in your sexual libido may occur. If any of these symptoms occur you contact your doctor who wrote the prescription for Nolvadex and he/she will amend the dosage.


Positive benefits

The positive benefits of Nolvadex is that it is a fat burner. So a positive side-effect to its anti-cancer function is that it will lean out a woman who eats an unbalanced diet leaning more to carbohydrates. An anti-cancer drug and weight pill wrapped into one. Taking Nolvadex in dosages below 30mg should minimize the existence of the negative side-effects while maximizing the anti-cancer and weight reduction benefits.

It would be wise to start with 10mg per dose and work your way up the ladder to 30 mg per dose. The drug is very expensive but has great benefits with minor side-effects. Another positive fact about Nolvadex is that you can take the drug for up to five years on a daily basis and not be worried about the short term or long term side-effects.

In conclusion, Nolvadex is a safe long term use drug for preventing the growth of cancer and also has a long term benefit of building lean muscle mass and reducing fat on both women and men who take the drug over many years.

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